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Power Loss Protection

Challenges and Objectives


There are three key components in an SSD: NAND Flash, DRAM, and a controller. When an SSD receives data from the host,
the data will first be processed by DRAM, which acts as a data buffering cache. But since DRAM cannot store data without power, data is only temporarily stored inside the DRAM buffer. Without a power-loss protection mechanism, data in the DRAM will be lost or corrupted when unexpected power loss occurs. Once everything is ready, then the data will be written onto the NAND.

Power Loss Protection Solution

To prevent data loss or corruption from unexpected power loss event, addlink has added hardware power loss data protection circuit with capacitor components on the board design for all the SSDs. These capacitors act like a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for the SSDs, the capacitors will be charged upon powering up and be prepared for emergency cases. When unexpected power loss happens, the capacitors can provide additional power up time for the controller to manage and flush all the critical information (Cached user data and physical- to-logical table) in the DRAM to NAND to ensure data integrity and prevent data loss.

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Featurs & Application


  • Logistic/ Fleet Management

  • Filed Service

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Product Highlight

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