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Low Power Consumption

Challenges and Objectives


Most of the frontline workers spend over 8 hours staying outdoors with their rugged tablets and laptops. An extraordinary power consumption can greatly improve not only device's battery lives but also worker's efficiency.

Low Power Consumption Solution

addlink's SATA SSD offers three low power consumption modes to ensure the SSD can extended battery life efficiently.

1. Partial Mode:

PHY is in a reduced power mode where the exit time is less than 10 microseconds.

2. Slumber Mode:

PHY is in a reduced power mode, lower than Partial mode, and where the exit time is less than ten milliseconds.

3. DEVSLP Mode:

DEVSLP is a new power management mode for hosts and devices. With DEVSLP, a host or device can completely power down their PHY and subsystems. In SATA SSD, partial, slumber, and DEVSLP are the critical tools to manage device power consumption. In addition, the device 1mW can collaborate with SSD power more efficiently to ensure extended battery life.

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Product Highlight

Product Highlight

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