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Erase Features

Challenges and Objectives


When deleting files for multi-stage or removing them from Recycle Bin, are the files really delete? The Answer is no. Even “formatting drives” cannot erase data completely. These deleting methods only delete the pointer/ table of the files and mark these disk sectors as “available for overwriting”, which means these data can still be restored by data recovery software.

Erase Solution

How do we completely erase or destroy data from the SSD to prevent data breaches? Here are some tips provided by addlink professionals.


Secure Erase

Secure Erase is a default feature for addlink SSDs. It not only deletes all the data but also write in data with “0xFF”. When SSD controllers receive the secure erase command, the erase process will reset all blocks and erase all of the user data in the SSD.

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Quick Erase

Quick Erase is an erase method trigger by specific GPIO pin and firmware setting. When enabling the Quick Erase feature, the controller will erase data mapping table completely.

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Military Erase

Depending on Military standard techniques.

Crypto Erase

Crypto Erase is a feature that erases all data of an OPAL-activated SSD drive by resetting the cryptographic key of the disk. Since the key is modified, the previously encrypted data will become useless, achieving the purpose of data security.

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Destroy SSD

It not only erase data mapping table and data, but also erase SSD firmware.

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Featurs & Application


  • Military

  • Aerospace Defense

Product Highlight

Product Highlight

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