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Factory Automation

Machine Vision Inspection / Industrial Robots / HMI / Industrial PC

Application Scenario

Application Scenario

The Factory automation includes PLCs, HMIs, robots, Industrial PCs, machine tools, and machine vision systems to perform repetitive task.  Today, industry 4.0 allows interconnecting all these traditional systems to perform joint management and diagnosis of the entire production process, which also allows us to analyze this data to improve quality, competitiveness and maintenance.

Challenges and Requirements

To process and manage all this massive data, industrial automation manufacturers are looking for fast, reliable and secure storage for systems to monitor and enhance the performances. The traditional HDDS have higher latency, longer read/ write times, and support fewer IOPS compared to the SSDs. On the other hand, consumer SSDs are fast and support more IOPS but they have lower endurance, lack of security features and not as reliable under industrial automation’s requirements.



High Endurance.png

High Endurance & Longevity

  • Industrial Grade Components

  • 3~5 Years Longevity Support

Advance Thermal .png

Advance Thermal Solution

•External or on-die thermal sensors

•Thermal Throttling to prevent SSD from overheating

•Premium Aluminum thermal dissipation

Power Loss Protection.png

Power Loss Protection

Provided using additional circuitry and capacitors installed to continue to provide power to the SSD in the event of a sudden power loss.

AES Encryption.png


Support AES 256bit hardware-based self-encryption and fully compliant with Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Opal Specification.

Security Erase.png

Secure Erase

It not only deletes the pointer/ mapping stable of the files but also resets all blocks and erases all user data. 


Smart Toolbox

A software that offers an easy way to analyze and manage your SSDs’ Health. 

Product Highlight

Product Highlight

PCIe Series

SATA Series

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