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High Endurance Flash

pSLC (Pseudo SLC)


addlink select qualify industrial TLC flash and high endurance pSLC flash as the storage solution for industrial applications.
pSLC (Pseudo SLC) is a TLC NAND drive that has been formatted to store one bit per cell instead of their native 3 or 4 bits per cell to increase its reliability to meet the SLC level. addlink’s pSLC uses a specialized firmware formatting technique to configure the NAND, making each cell only holds one bit. This reduces cell cross-talk, data corruption, read disturbance, power loss, and retention. In essence, the drive becomes SLC and provides all the benefits of faster read/write speeds, maximize endur- ance, and better protection against radiation. As a result, this specific technique will allow addlink’s drive to have 10 times more of the P/E Count compare to other drives in the market.

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Featurs & Aoolication


  • Factory Automation


  • Smart Vending Machine

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Product Highlight

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