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Advanced Thermal

Challenges and Objectives


While edge A.I. and computer vision are growing faster, they present challenges when running deep learning or intelligent video analytics softwares that require extremely powerful systems. The ideal systems not only require faster transmission speed storage but also having the ability to prevent from overheating.

Advanced Thermal Solution

addlink’s SSDs are equipped with default-designed thermal sensors to detect temperature and offers thermal dissipation option when needed.

1. Thermal Sensors

The external thermal sensor on the PCB board is used to detect temperature of flash, and the On-die thermal sensor is in the internal controller to monitor temperature of the controller.

2. Thermal Throttling

The thermal throttling solution prevents any components in the SSD from overheating. Through the detection of thermal sensors, the firmware can be applied to different levels of throttling to efficiently and proactively offer protection via S.M.A.R.T. Toolbox utility reading.

3. Thermal Dissipation Solution

Premium Aluminum heatsink, Cross-cutting fins, and Heat-conducting Silica Gel Pad to cool down addlink SSDs.

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螢幕快照 2022-09-15 上午5.18.38.png
Featurs & Aoolication


  • Factory Automation

  • Edge AI for Smart City

Product Highlight

Product Highlight

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SATA Series

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