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Surveillance & Edge AI for Smart City

Public Safety / Traffic monitoring / Transportation Surveillance / Facility Protection

Application Scenario

Application Scenario

Video surveillance is commonly used for modern cities services includes, traffic monitoring, facility protection, public safety remote video monitoring, patients protection and even public transportation will benefit from video surveillance. With the increase in the resolution of the images captured by the surveillance systems and intelligent video analytics software, the functions of surveillance systems (DVR/NVR) have become more power, which requires faster transfer speed and larger storage capacity.

Challenges and Requirements

  1. Video surveillance storage can keep up at least 24/7.

  2. Video surveillance systems that require reliable, high-speed and more extensive capacity storage for data.

  3. Video surveillance systems deployed outdoor will face wide range of changes in temperature.



High Endurance.png

High Endurance & Longevity

  • Industrial Grade Components

  • 3~5 Years Longevity Support

Write Protect.png

Write Protect

When the write protect function enabled, SSD Controller will ignore any write/Erase command from host and only Read is permitted.

Power Loss Protection.png

Power Loss Protection

Provided using additional circuitry and capacitors installed to continue to provide power to the SSD in the event of a sudden power loss.

Wide Temperature.png

Wide Temperature -40~85°C

The products are designed and approved for reliable operation over a wide tempe- rature range.


Smart Toolbox

A software that offers an easy way to analyze and manage your SSDs’ Health. 

Advance Thermal .png

Advance Thermal Solution

•External or on-die thermal sensors

•Thermal Throttling to prevent SSD from overheating

•Premium Aluminum thermal dissipation

AES Encryption.png


Support AES 256bit hardware-based self-encryption and fully compliant with Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Opal Specification.

Product Highlight

Product Highlight

PCIe Series

SATA Series

Memory Card / USB Drives

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